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Welcome to Namaste Radio 101.3 FM
"Voice of the Nepalese Community"

Thank you for tuning in to CMR 101.3 FM in Greater Toronto Area every Saturday at 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Please click on the live icon to the right in order to listen to Namaste Radio's live program with your host Anil Thapa

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Namaste Radio's Commitment & Values

Namaste Radio stands committed to democratic values. It is also based on values like honesty, integrity, diversity, creativity and excellence in service. Its team fully stands committed to these values and will work hard to achieve its goal and continue to be the voice of The Nepalese Community. Criticisms are viewed constructively at Namaste Radio. The team believes that criticisms help to develop policies that are more democratic, attract professional people with high end skills and improve quality of the programs. All these help to bond Namaste Radio with the Nepalese people.

Appeal to the Nepalese community:

Your support is of immense value to Namaste Radio. It will give us an opportunity to share and learn and hopefully allow us to create positive changes. Your support will allow Namaste Radio to be a vehicle in helping bring awareness and possibilities to those who are in need. Namaste Radio can demonstrate personal concern for the Nepalese community and present creative solutions to complex problems. It can inject a can-do spirit where there is much to be done, and bring enthusiasm where it is needed most.


Namaste Radio acknowledges the fact that Nepalese organizations in Canada are interdependent and need to support each other on issues of importance to realize full potential in our society and grow in the Canadian economy at large. Namaste Radio will work closely with all community organizations in Canada.

What's New


Namaste Radio (Voice of the Nepalese community) would like to wish all ladies a very Happy Teej 2072

"Working together, we'll make a difference"

Thanking you all,
Namaste Radio Team


Listen to Namaste Radio every Saturday 7:30-8 AM @ FM 101.3

Events in Toronto

On Friday August 28, 2015 Brampton Mt. Everest Lions Club is organizing a "Multicultural Musical Dinner gala" at Royal Banquet Hall in Mississauga. Please join them and enjoy the night

Nepal Cup Tournament is on September 6, 2015 in GTA. NJAC is organizing its' 7th Annual soccer tournament so please join them, more details coming soon

On Saturday September 6, 2015 Canadian Newa Guthi (CNG) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Mississauga. A cultural night will be performed by Comidian Ratan Subedi and Singer Ram Shrestha. Please join the night to celebrate the event

A world reknown classical musical band "SUR SUDHA" is performing in Toronto on Saturday September 19 and in Ottawa on September 26, 2015. For more info, contact Sushil Ram Joshi; 613-878-3105

Nepalese Canadian Heritage Centre is organizing their annual event "TEEJ FESTIVAL" on September 12, 2015 at Boviard Banquet Hall in Bramtpon. The function will start from 6pm and you can buy your tickets from the BOD of NCHC

Recent Programs
August 22, 2015 Mr. Mitra Kafle, President of Brampton Mt. Everest Lions Club
August 15, 2015 Musical programmed by Host Anil Thapa
August 08, 2015 Musical programmed by Hosts Anil Thapa and Pradyumna Regmi
August 01, 2015 Musical programmed by Host Pradyumna Regmi

Please visit Archive (Old Programs) for more.

Behind the picture..
Founder & CEO
  Mr. Anil Thapa

Production Team
  Mr. Pradyumna Regmi
  Mr. Binod Dhungana
  Mr. Jayram Gautam
  Mr. Kundan Ghimire

Ex-Team Members
  Mr. Manoj Pokharel
  Ms. Asha Rajak
  Ms. Anuradha Upreti
  Mr. Homnath Giri


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