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Community Corner: Sapan's Interview with Namaste Radio

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate Sapan for his outstanding achievement.

A little about Sapan.

Sapan came to Canada with his parents Promod K.C and Mrs. Saraswati K.C in July of 2001. Sapan likes music, swimming, movies and travel. His second term average at Jarvis Collegiate Institute is 95% (subjects Bio, Physics, Chemistry, English, Music, French and Calculus).

He has been awarded the P.E.A.C.E Scholarship. The Scholarship money totals CAD 10,000 distributed over four years of university. He has also been given the UFT Entrance Scholarship: CAD 2500 for the first year.

Namaste Radio Team believes that he will be a role model to all Nepalese youths.

Dear readers this is what Sapan had to say about his journey of hard work and success.

1. Sapan tell us about you.
Well, I arrived in Canada in July 2001 as you stated. I had completed grade 6 in Brihaspati Vidyasadan, Kathmandu, Nepal. When I came to Canada and enrolled myself in Winchester Public school, I was placed in grade 8. At the beginning I was a bit apprehensive about the skipping a grade. However, the year went very well as I gradually (rather quickly) adjusted to the school system here in Canada.

2. What are the awards you have won? What were the criteria's?
As mentioned before I was the recipient of the P.E.A.C.E Foundation Scholarship initiated and organized by the 51St Division of The Toronto Metropolitan Police. The criteria under which I was awarded the scholarship was overall academic excellence, extra curricular activities, and community involvement. They were looking for candidates who not only excelled in their academics, but also had a sense of belonging and citizenship within their communities. The entrance scholarship of UfT was strictly based on just my average.

3. Who inspired you? Was it diligence or intelligence?
Including many notable figures in society, my immediate source of inspiration/roll-model was my father who completed his post-secondary education almost completely on scholarships. Therefore, there was a precedence set for me even before I seriously began thinking about my goals in life. I think everybody is intelligent in one way or the other, but without hard-work, and resolve, one cannot develop intelligence into a craft which can be used to make a living out of something one is passionate about.

4. What is your sense of fashion?
I do not think I am a particularly fashion savvy person. I just wear normal clothing. However, I do look at the brands when I buy my clothes, and that's about it. However, I think for some individuals fashion is a way of expressing their creativity and making a statement of their personality, and I think they should have the full liberty to wear whatever they think is appropriate for them.

5. Tell us about your future plans?
From September, I will be starting my bachelor's in life sciences. I will probably choose human biology-health and disease for my specialization. Personally, I think I like to take things one day at a time, making small leaps and bounds in achieving my future goals. My goal for now is to complete my undergraduate degree with good grades.

6. What message do you have for your young brother's and sisters?
Please only pursue something in life I that you are interested and passionate about it, and not because of the pressure you may be getting from you family members, and if you want to succeed academically you don't have spends loads of time studying at home. Be sincere, and attentive in class, and get involved in class discussions and activities as much as you can. I believe that I get 80% of my input of academic knowledge just by listening and being attentive in class. I think it is the lazy way that anybody can easily learn to incorporate into their habit to be successful.

We are indeed very proud of him. We wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

Thanking you.

Namaste Radio Team

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