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We rely on the generosity of our supporters to make our much-needed programs possible. We welcome any and all assistance in gathering the funds to carry out our mission. If you would like to put on an event on behalf of Namaste Radio, your help is welcome. If you require any assistance or information on the organization, please contact us at (647) 282-7635.

Namaste Radio heartily thanks all donors.

Individual Donors::

Names and amount:

  • Ms. Radha Basynet, Ottawa, ON: $ 500.00
  • Mr. Suraj Bharati, Toronto, ON: $ 250.00
  • Dr. Narayan Regmai, Brampton, ON: $ 100.00
  • Mr. Paras Parajuli, Mississauga, ON: $ 50.00
  • Mr. Suraj Bharati, Toronto, ON: $ 200.00
  • Mr. Purna Paudel, Toronto, ON: $ 100.00
  • Mr. Dil Bahadur Pantha, Mississauga, ON: $ 61.00
  • Mr. Dhundi Raj Pandey, Brampton, ON: $ 60.00
  • Mr. Subash BK, Brampton, ON: $ 52.00
  • Mr. Madhu Karki, Mississauga, ON: $ 51.00
  • Mr. Tilochand Kadel, Brampton, ON: $ 51.00
  • Mr. Rameshwor Sapkota, Mississauga, ON: $ 50.00
  • Mr. Ravi Sapkota, Mississauga, ON: $ 50.00
  • Mr. Ghan Bahadur Thapa, Mississauga, ON: $ 50.00
  • Mr. Devendra Maharjan, Mississauga, ON: $ 35.00
  • Mr. Govind Shiwakoti, Brampton, ON: $ 22.00
  • Mr. Shyam Dhungana, Brampton, ON: $ 21.00
  • Mr. Prakash Adhikari, Brampton, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Badri Bhattarai, Brampton, ON: $ 20.00
  • Ms. Madhu Devkota, Brampton, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Samir Sunar, Brampton, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Som Bhatta, Mississauga, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Sagar Pokhrel, Brampton, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Tenzing Bhotia, Brampton, ON: $ 10.00
  • Mr. Jimmy Ghimery, Mississauga, ON: $ 10.00
  • Mr. Ishwor Thapa, Mississauga, ON: $ 10.00
  • Mr. Tendi Sherpa, Brampton, ON: $ 5.00
  • Mr. Pramod Lamichhane, Mississauga, ON: $ 51.00
  • Mr. Narayan Sharma, Mississauga, ON: $ 20.00
  • Ms. Shanta Thapa, Mississauga, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Kumar Dahal, Mississauga, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Ram Prasad Paudel, Mississauga, ON: $ 10.00
  • Mr. Eka Narayan Aryal, MMississauga, ON: $ 20.00
  • Mr. Surya Pantha Chhetri, Toronto, ON: $ 30.00
  • Mr. Lekh Nath Sapkota, Mississauga, ON: $ 45.00
  • Mr. Nar Bahadur Tandan, Malton - $ 151.51
  • Ms. Sujan Maskey, Toronto - $ 40.00

Listen to Namaste Radio every Saturday 7:30-8 AM @ FM 101.3

Participate and Interact
Events in Toronto

Nepali Community Puja in Toronto on Sunday August 12, 2018

A Nepali Pashupatinath Mandir is organizing a community event outside of Mandir on Sunday August 11, 2018 at Patio Banquet Hall in Toronto. The puja will start from 10am so please be a part of it

Newari Samabaji event in Brampton on August 25, 2018

The Canadian Newa Guthi is organizing a food festival in Brampton. Their famous Samabaji food will be tasted in the event so please join them on August 25, 2018 at Chinchugee Pearl Park

Himalayan Mela at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Nepalese Canadian Community Services is organizing their annual event Himalayan Mela at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto on Saturday September 1, 2018 from 1pm onward and this year attraction is Singer Ram Krishna Poudel so please be a part of it

Nepal Cup soccer tournament on Sunday September 2, 2018

The Nepalese Janjati Assoication Canada is organizing their annual event "Nepal Cup soccer tournament" on Sunday September 2, 2018 in Brampton so please join them to play or support the event

Teej festival at Preet Banquet Hall on September 8th, 2018

The Nepalese Canadian Heritage Centre is organizing a women festival "Teej" on September 8, 2018 at Preet Banquet Hall in Mississauga from 6pm onward so please join them to enjoy the festival

Recent Programs
August 11th, 2018 Mr. Gopi Krishna Kaphle, the President of NRNA-Canada
August 4th, 2018 Mr. Narendra Pudasaini, Coordinator of August 12 Puja in Toronto

Please visit the archive older programs.

Behind the picture..
Founder & CEO
  Mr. Anil Thapa

Production Team
  Mr. Dinesh Singh Malla
  Mr. Kundan Ghimire

Ex-Team Members
  Mr. Pradymna Regmi
  Ms. Chanda Shrestha
  Mr. Jayram Gautam
  Mr. Manoj Pokharel
  Ms. Asha Rajak
  Ms. Anuradha Upreti
  Mr. Homnath Giri

  Ms. Yashaswi Thapa


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