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Free Tax Filing 2005
March 24 & 25, 2006

NNCA or Namaste Radio in conjunction with Canada Revenue Agency organized a two-day free tax report filing for the year 2005 on March 24 and 25, 2006 at Malton Community Center. The purpose of this program was to help the Nepalese community who fall under low income or no income categories in filing their statement of income in 2005 for tax clearance. More than a dozen families in the GTA took advantage of this service. The organization has made up its mind to organize such service oriented programs in future as well.

Jan 7, 2006

Namaste Radio organized Professional Network gathering for the first time on Saturday Jan 07, 2006 at North York Civic Center, Toronto. With the presence of Nepalese people from various walks of life, the program was a grand success in itself. The program was taken by all as a great opportunity to share their views with each other and it was found enjoyable.

Check out the picture from the event


Film Screening
Dec 3, 2005

Namaste Radio along with University of Toronto Nepali Club organized a "Film screening" event on December 3, 2005. The main purpose of this event was to promote Nepalese culture and raise fund for Namaste Radio. The event was highly successful and the credit for this success goes to all participants for their valued time and effort put on. The event has been the first of this type in Toronto. Namaste Radio extends its sincere thanks to all viewers for their supportive presence.

Happy Deepawali! (October/November 2005)

On the occasion of our great festival Deepawali, Namaste Radio continuously performed "Deusi/Bhailo" in GTA on different dates in late October and early November 2005. The objective of this program was to promote our culture and entertain the community. The entire amount collected from this program has been secured for NNCA (Namaste Radio) only. Namaste Radio extends its sincere thanks to the performers and those who magnanimously contributed the amount as a support. This program has undoubtedly been welcomed by the Nepalese community. For all these reasons, Namaste Radio has pledged to take such opportunities of visiting the houses of our brethrens in future too.

Names of generous supporters visited by Deusi-Bhailo team are as below:-

1. Ms. Baba Shakya, Mississauga - $32
2. Mr. Sanjay Luitel & Family, Toronto- $50
3. Mr. & Mrs. Ram Parajuli, Scarborough- $100.25
4. Mr. Divas Rijal & Family, Don Valley- $200
5. Mr. Pramod Thapa & Family, Brampton- $121
6. Mr. Pramod Aryal & Family, Markham- $100
7. Mr. Vijan & Mrs. Nitin Aryal, - $60
8. Mr. Sanjeev & Mrs. Bhawana Bhandari, Brampton- $50
9. Mr. Ganesh Adhikari & Family, Brampton- $10
10. Mr. Laxman & Mrs. Sara Chhetry, Mississauga- $200
11. Mr. & Mrs kamal Dhakal, Toronto- $100
12. 95 Charolias Blvd, Brampton- $65
13. Mr. Kiran Dhungana and Family, Brampton- $101
14. Mr. Manoj Pokhrel and Family, Malton- $101
15. Mr. Awakash, Dasaratha, Kishna, Malton- $100
16. Mr. Dasaratha Thapa,Malton- $100
17. Mr. Kedar Basnet and Family, Malton- $51
18. Mr. Yogendra Shakya, Toronto- $50
19. Dr. Tulsi Dharel & Mr. Pemba Lama, Don Valley- $95.50
20. Mr. Sirish Pande & Family, Toronto- $100
21. Mr. Rajan Shrestha & Family, Markham- $100
22. Mr. Bharat Pokhrel & Family, Markham- $110
23. Mr. Manish Rijal & Family, Markham- $100
24. Mr. Nabaraj Gurung & Family, Toronto- $20
25. Mr. Niraj Gyewali & Family, Toronto- $40
26. Mr. Gopal Bhandari & Family, Toronto- $51
27. Mr. Madan KC & Family, Toronto- $105
28. Mr. Komal Sapkota & Son, Scarborough- $102
29. Mr. Bishow Berma & Family, Scarborough- $101

List of performers:-

1. Dhundi Raj Pandey, Brampton
2. Subash BK, Brampton
3. Samir Sunwar, Brampton
4. Ram Prasad Paudel, Toronto
5. Badri Bhattarai, Brampton
6. Purna Paudel, Markham
7. Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Toronto
8. Dr. Binod Mani Baral, Don Valley
9. Shoyam Pokhrel, Toronto
10. Sanjiv Sharma, Toronto
11. Pravin Sharma, Malton
12. Chaptan, Malton
13. Anil Thapa, Mississauga

The effort put on by the above persons is indeed praiseworthy.

Namaste Radio’s participation in the SAB Festival 2005
September 3 and 4, 2005

Namaste Radio participated in the South Asian Business Festival 2005 at International Convention Center, Malton (Derry & Airport Rd) on Sept 3 & 4. South Asian Business Festival organized by Canadian Multicultural Radio and Tamil Vision International was a grand success. It was visited by more than 200,000 people. Keeping the constant flow in of visitors in mind, the organizer was compelled to extend the event by one more day i.e. Sept 5. The entire performers and participants were highly impressed by the success of this event. The appreciation and response from the audience pool had greatly inspired the organizer and participants. All the vendors had very good business and benefited a lot from this three-day festival.

From the Nepalese community, two artistes participated in the Music Talents Search program and stood among top-ten out of sixty six performers. Dr. Binod Baral’s Nepalese melody with flute was received by the audiences with great taste. The other locally based singer Deep Bista’s performance also won the heart of large crowd. The entire Nepalese community is proud of these talents.

Namaste Radio had set up a small stall for its own promotion. The other purpose of this was to let the visitors know about Nepal, the country of great Himalayas or the land of Mount Everest. This festival has given Namaste Radio an opportunity to promote Nepalese culture in Canada as well. A cultural program was presented by Namaste Radio on Sept 4 which was much admired by the multicultural audiences. The program was comprised of various songs and dances. Namaste Radio has extended its thanks to the artistes - Drishti Rawat, Eva Sharma, Pratistha Bhandari, Ishaan Sharma and Shoyam Pokhrel for their heart winning performance. Namaste Radio is satisfied with its role and participation in the South Asian Business Festival 2005.

Further, sincere thanks go to all Nepalese whoever visited our booth and boosted the morale of entire team.

First Nepali Radio "Namaste Radio" on the air in Canada
AUGUST 07, 2005

YASHASWI ENTERTAINMENT proudly presented the first Nepali Radio "Namaste" in the air in GTA, Canada. The first program presenters were Govind Singh Rawat, Sapna Dhungana and Bipin Pokharel with the techinical support of Shoyam Pokharel under the co-ordination of Anil Thapa. Namaste Radio received over the phone, felicitation from H.E. Mr. Kedar Bhakta Shrestha, the Ambassador for Nepal to USA, Mexico and Canada. Great number of well wishers extended their congratulatory messages on the opening of the first Nepalese Radio in Canada and expressed best wishes for its success in the days ahead. August 7 is the most remarkable day in the history of Namaste Radio as this is the first day Namaste Radio made its outreach in the air.

Namaste Radio started to cater its well wishers and audiences with minimum number of programs such as News, Sata ko Paribar (Family of the week), Jigayasa (queries), Youth Visions and Music. All the programs were well accepted and cherished.

Anil Ojha, Drishti Rawat and Sanjiv Sharma along with the Technical support of Shoyam Pokharel are slated to host the programs in the days ahead.

Namaste Radio’s Official Inauguration
August 06, 2005 - Brampton, Canada

Namaste Radio declared its official inauguration on August 06, 2005. The chief guest Dr. Kunjar Sharma, Honorary Nepalese Consular General for Canada cut the red ribbon amidst a special function. Good number of invitees, guests from various corporate sectors including Nepalese organizations, journalists and Namaste Radio team were present on the occasion.

Chief Guest Dr. Sharma said that he was impressed by the Namaste Team and their motivating initiative to make Nepalese united through information and Entertainment. He further hoped Namaste Radio would play the key role as a medium of communication and entertainment providing a new platform to the entire Nepalese community in Canada.

The President of Yashaswi Entertainment Anil Thapa highlighted on Namaste Radio’s effort to establish the identity of Nepalese community and culture in the multicultural Canadian society. He also expressed his views that Namaste Radio would be a good platform for all our local talents and announced Yashaswi Entertainment’s further plans of coming up with own publication ‘Namaste’ bi-weekly and television channel in future.

Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Multicultural Radio Sivak Kumaran said he is highly impressed by Anil Thapa because of his vigorous endeavor to promote and preserve the Nepalese culture and unite Nepalese people living in Great Toronto Area. He urged all Nepalese in Canada to extend their best possible support to Namaste Radio for its sustainability and development. Several questions regarding Namaste Radio and its programs were raised by the journalists to Anil Thapa, Sivak Kumaran and Dr. Sharma.

At the conclusion, Mr. Thapa extended special thanks on behalf of Namaste Radio to all well wishers, audiences and volunteers for their significant support in the past and requested for the same in the days ahead. The program was followed by light refreshment.

People can visit Namaste Radio’s website and listen to its programs every Sunday at 9am to 10am Eastern Time.

Listen to Namaste Radio every Saturday 7:30-8 AM @ FM 101.3

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September 7th, 2019 Mr. Rajendra Shalabh, a film director and coordinator of "Basanta Choudhary's Storytelling event in Mississauga"
August 31, 2019 A veteran actor RP Pant of Nepali Film and TV Industry

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