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Events in Toronto:

8th Annual Himalayan Festival in Toronto
Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Community Members, Friends & Families

We are immensely pleased to extend our official invitation to the 8th Annual Himalayan Festival - 2013 organized by Nepalese Canadian Community Services (NCCS) on Sunday 18th August, 2013 beginning at 2 PM at the Nathan Philips Square, Toronto.

The one day event, the first and largest Nepalese Cultural Event in Canada, celebrates the culture and heritage of Nepal at the heart of the City of Toronto. The festival features Nepalese cultural shows, crafts and food festivities while providing platform to promote traditional Nepalese art, music and dance.

The Himalayan Festival (Nepali Mela) is the greatest community event of Nepalese Canadians which has been regularly attended by a large number of audience since its inception in 2006.
This one day festival aims at bringing together the people in Toronto and provide a diverse platform for all of us to share, experience and celebrate through various performances revealing the rich and diverse culture of Nepal.
It is a genuine effort made by NCCS to outreach and network with various other communities and establish itself as an integral component of the multicultural City of Toronto.
This is the 8th year that we have been together celebrating our culture outdoors on the public stage of Nathan Philips Square where we have the city dancing to the tune of our music, singing together
and enjoying the varieties of typical Nepalese and Tibetan food items. It is a free outdoor event that provides us the golden opportunity to interact with a huge number of people from Nepalese community and beyond.

This event is believed to rekindle the beauty of a traditional Nepali practice of a 'Market Day' that promotes the spirit of cultural diversity and inclusion entertained by Canada. The stage will entertain the large number of audience with cultural dance and music.
The colorful musical performance on stage by some of our popular local artists and the famous guest artist will add the significance of this festival at large.

Major highlights of The Himalayan Festival - 2013
Felicitation of Mr.Sudarshan Gautam, the first double amputee (Armless Man) to climb The Mt. Everest. He succeeded to reach the top of the highest peak on Monday, May 20, 2013

Nepalese Modern Singer, Yam Baral
Performance of local artists
Fashion Show, Cultural Program
Exhibition of Nepalese food art and crafts

We,therefore would like to invite all community members, friends and families to attend this special event and enjoy food, music and cultural program. Your attendance will be considered a great contribution made to promote the distinct Nepalese culture and identity in Canada.

Please click on the following link to find venue map directions via Google Maps:

Parking facility is available underground the City Hall.
For more information/update please visit us at:

With Best Regards,
Ramesh K. Prasai
President, NCCS

Shishir Pandey
Gen. Secretary, NCCS

Nepali Organizations celebrating a Nepali New Year 2070 parties in GTA
Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Community Members

The Nepalese community organizations are celebrating a Nepali New Year 2070 parties in GTA. NCNC and NJAC that works for the Nepalese community in Mississauga and Brampton is jointly organizing a Nepali New Year party for a first time in Mississauga on Saturday April 13th, 2013 and same day, another organization NCCS that working in Toronto for the Nepalese community is also celebrating a New Year party in Toronto

For more details; check their websites

NAMASTE RADIO has raised Hundred thousand (100,000) Nepalese rupees from fundraiser show "SHAMBHUJEET BASKOTA’S NITE" and DONORS

Namaste Radio has raised one hundred thousand Nepalese rupees (NRs. 100,000) fund for the treatment of sibling Bhupi (11years old) and Bhawana (7years old), who are suffering from Leukemia (Blood Cancer) in Nepal from the grand success fundraiser show of the Musical legend of Nepal, “Shambhujeet Baskota’s Nite” and with the support of some kind hearted donors.

Namaste Radio will donate that amount to the mother of Sick kids in Nepal on the second week of this month in the rover of Nepal Representative of Namaste Radio and the mainstream media of Nepal.

Namaste Radio would like to thanks all the board members of Namaste Radio, participant performers and audiences, donors, Volunteers on ticket selling, Volunteers at the door and special thanks to Mr. Shambhujeet Baskota, who made the show a grand success.

We are still receiving a donation from the Nepalese living in GTA, who couldn’t able to make it on that day but interested to help those kids. They are sending their donation money, Cheque or email money transfer on the below name and address so, if you want to help those kids please do that. It’s not late; we will continue collecting a donation for them.

Pay to: Namaste Radio
Memo: Donation to Bhupi/Bhawana (please include)
Mailing address: 5832 Yachtsman Crossing
Mississauga, ON L5M 6N9
Email Money Transfer:

Press Release

Namaste Radio of Canada organized "Shambhujit Baskota's Nite", a grand success fundraiser show of the Musical legend of Nepal, Mr. Shambhu Baskota, to benefit Sibling Bhupi (11 year old) and Bhawana (7 year old) on their treatment, who are suffering from Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia (ALL) in Nepal Mr. Baskota performed the show for the very first time in Canada on April 29th, 2007 (Sunday) at Bramalea Civic Center Auditorium, Brampton, Canada. The event also featured performances by the leading local Nepalese musicians of GTA and Ottawa; Robin Subba, Philemon Rai, Deep Bista, Astha Tamang Maskey, Sunita Nepal, Pradyumna Regmi and electric dance of Eva Sharma, Kusum Basnet, Ichha Laxmi Shrestha, Sreani and Kewal Raj Khatiwada. Mr. Manoj Pokharel was the Master of Ceremony.

Mr. Baskota performed most of his popular solo and some duet songs that entertained abundantly to all groups of audiences. During his songs the audiences were out on the stage dancing side by side with Mr. Baskota and other community friends. The Nepalese living in GTA are still talking about the show and the thriller performance of Mr. Baskota. Welcome speech was from the Namaste Radio’s President Mr. Kedar Basnet who thanked all the participants to this event and informed all that Namaste Radio is making the great presence in the life of Nepalese community and it is becoming the voice of the Nepalese Community. He also referred to some of the past events organized by the Namaste Radio for the benefit of Nepalese community like; Deusi/Bhailo program on Oct 2005, Film Festival (Focus on Nepal) on Dec 2005, Professional Network Gathering on Jan 2006, Free Tax Filling on April 2006, Live concert of Mukti N’ Revival on August 2006 and Oscar Nominated Nepali Film Show “Basain” on Feb 2007. He also urged to the Nepalese community to come forward for helping those innocent kids.

The Event Coordinator and Founder of Namaste Radio Mr. Anil Thapa expressed his great thanks to all the performers, audiences, donors, Board members of Namaste Radio, Volunteers, well wishers and especial thanks to his wife Jyotsana Thapa Rana for supporting and letting him to spare volunteer hours for the development of the Nepalese community. At the end, President of Namaste Radio Mr. Keder Basnet handed over the certificate of appreciation to Mr. Shambhujeet Baskota for his invaluable contribution and working together with Namaste Radio on the noble cause and later Mr. Baskota distributed the certificate of recognition to all the performers, music arranger Ramesh Bhattarai and his accompany Mohit Khetan. Mr. Baskota also expressed his thanks to Namaste radio and wishes a great success in the future. The MC Manoj Pokharel announced the name of donors and expressed special thanks on behalf of Namaste Radio and himself. The name of the generous donors was as given below;

  • Pramod & Ritu Thapa- $100
  • Mr. Bhaskar Regmi- $100
  • Mr. Tulsi Regmi- $100
  • Ms. Nira Sharma- $100
  • Mr. Bishwojeet Basnet- $100
  • Mr. Subas B.K- $100
  • Mr. Anonymous (USA)- $101
  • Mr. Bishnu Parajuli- $85
  • Mr. Shankar Nath Adhikaree- $80
  • Mr. Durga Adhikari- $75
  • Ms. Shalina Shah- $70
  • Mr. Nabaraj Gurung- $50
  • Mr. Narhari Kandel- $45
  • Mr. Santa Rajbhandari- $41
  • Mr. Nar Bahadur Tandon- $41
  • Mr. Santosh Mishra- $40
  • Mr. Mausam Saha- $25
  • Mr. Ganesh Khatri- $25
  • Mr. Narendra Pudasani- $20

    Namaste Radio was introduced in August 06, 2005 by Mr. Anil Thapa, President of Yashaswi Entertainment. The radio, in its early days of establishment, broadcasted its program every Sunday from 9am to 10am through Canadian Multicultural Radio: FM 101.3 in Toronto. As the first Nepali radio program in Canada, it could serve as a mediating and creative voice for the small but growing Nepalese immigrant community in Canada. Through its component programs like Latest News, Talk Shows, Interviews, Youth Vision (provide a platform for Nepalese Canadian youth talents/activists to express themselves), Jigyasa (Queries), and music, Namaste Radio provided the Nepalese community of Canada a vital source of media space for the Nepalese community to access key news and resources and to make the presence of Nepalese immigrant community felt within the larger Canadian society. The radio broadcasts program both in Nepali and English so as to cater to a broad range of Nepalese particularly second generation of Nepalese Canadians and also to non-Nepalese listeners. Each weekly broadcast is archived in the official website of Namaste Radio ( which can be accessed through the internet at any convenient time.

    Currently, Namaste Radio is being operated and managed by a not for profit organization namely; Namaste Nepal Community Association. It puts its program on air on every Saturday 7:30am to 8am instead of Sunday. With the help of kind hearted donors and priceless contribution of the senior musician Mr. Shambhujeet Baskota, Namaste Radio has managed to accumulate a small fund for the benefit of Bhupi and Bhawana. The radio will handover, sometimes in the early second week of May, in Nepal a sum of NRs. 100,000 (Nepalese rupees one hundred thousands) to Lila Devi Basnet, mother of Bhupi and Bhawana as donation for the treatment of her children on the rover of Nepal office of Yashaswi Entertainment, Nepal Representative of Namaste Radio and the mainstream medias of Nepal.

    Namaste Radio will continue to collect more donations for helping those kids. We encourage everybody from around the world to join our hands on this noble cause. We also urge media to disseminate our request through your prestigious circulation.

    Namaste Radio, Canada

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