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Membership and Community Support:

In addition with its long term fundraising strategies, Namaste Radio is also initiating other measures like memberships (family and individual) and other special events. Namaste Radio has realized that participation of the community is vital to its growth. To incorporate participation and reap its benefits; Namaste Radio is in the process of being registered as a charity organization. Greater community support and a general membership process help leverage internal and external funds. It also helps to improve the quality of programs.

Thus Namaste Radio is seeking the support of Nepalese families and individuals to join as members and contribute CAD 20.00 a year for general membership. The idea behind this is that every family or person who becomes a member will take initiative in caring for Namaste Radio. It is also seeking financial support from Nepalese community organizations in North America. Namaste Radio acknowledges the fact that Nepalese organizations in North America are interdependent and need to support each other on issues of importance to realize full potential in our society and grow in the North American economy at large. We are hopeful it will generate a dialogue between Namaste Radio and the Nepalese community and help ensure trust, make it easy to conduct elections in 2007, improve the quality of its program, develop reliable financial inflow and improve long term sustainability.

Member Advantages:

  • Vote and elect board members in general election and become a board member
  • Participate in opinion surveys to depict listeners choice
  • Participate in 2007 summer elections after which the board will be a elected one
  • Receive discounts from sponsor businesses
  • Certificate of membership and avail reference for various purposes
  • Individual and Family birthday announcement on our Saturday broadcast (let us know by Thursday)

Article 3 of NNCA’s By-Laws – Membership

3 – 1. Qualification
Any person subscribing to the purpose of NNCA or Namaste Radio and paying the membership fees fixed up by the Board of Directors shall be deemed a Member in good standing of NNCA, subject to the provisions of this Article 3. There shall be the following classes of membership: general, honorary and life, as defined in Rules and Regulations. Membership shall be non-transferable.

3 – 2. Renewal
General membership is on annually renewal basis. It can simply be done paying applicable fee to the organization before the date of expiry. Failing to do so, results in natural termination of membership.

3 – 3. Revocation
The Board of Directors, by two-thirds of majority at a meeting duly called at which a quorum is present, may revoke the membership of any Member not felt to working in the interest of the organization.

Membership shall lapse upon non-payment of renewal fees in time.

3 – 4. Duties
It shall be the duty of every Member to:

  • participate in AGM
  • elect the Board of Directors
  • have his or her current addresses registered with the Secretary
  • keep the Secretary or Joint Secretary updated about changes of his/her address or information
  • General Members 2007:

    1. Mr. Anil Thapa, Mississauga
    2. Mr. Kedar Basnet, Malton
    3. Mr. Durga Adhikari, Toronto
    4. Mr. Roshan Basnet, Pickering
    5. Mr. Tikaram Niure, Toronto
    6. Mrs. Jyotsana Thapa Rana, Mississauga
    7. Mr. Anand Shrestha, Toronto
    8. Mr. Bhuwan Parajuli, Toronto
    9. Mr. Tulsi Upadhaya, Toronto
    10. Mr. Ram Prasad Kandel, East York
    11. Mr. Surya Bhattarai, Malton
    12. Mr. Ishwori Dhakal, Malton
    13. Mr. Uttam K.C, Malton
    14. Ms. Radha Basnyet, Ottawa
    15. Ms. Kamala Ghimire (Regmi), Brampton
    16. Mr. Jiban Sahani, Toronto
    17. Dr. Bishnu Poudel, Brampton
    18. Mr. Rajen Shrestha, Markham
    19. Ms. Shrijana Dhungel, Brampton
    20. Ms. Ichha Laxmi Shrestha, Malton
    21. Mr. Ram Raja Aryal, Mississauga

    General Members 2006:

    1. Mr. Rajeev Thapa, USA
    2. Mr. Daksha Paudel, Toronto
    3. Dr. Bishnu Paudel, Brampton
    4. Mr. Jalak Paudel, Brampton
    5. Mr. Nar Bahadur Tandon, Brampton
    6. Dr. Lila Bhandari, Mississauga
    7. Mr. Rajan Shrestha, Markham
    8. Mr. Surya Bhattarai, Malton
    9. Dr. Ram Marahatta, Brampton
    10. Mr. Bharat Paudel, Mississauga
    11. Mr. Gopal Bhandari, Toronto
    12. Mr. Dil Bahadur Pantha, Mississauga
    13. Mr. Lekhnath Sapkota, Mississauga
    14. Mr. Bhuwan Parajuli, Toronto
    15. Mr. Subash B.K, Brampton
    16. Mr. Sudhir (Sasa) Pandey, Toronto
    17. Mr. Dorje. Toronto
    18. Mrs. Jamuna Gurung, Toronto
    19. Mr. Rajkumar Puri, Toronto
    20. Mr. Pradeep Lal Shrestha, Brampton
    21. Mr. Roshan Basnet, Pickering
    22. Mr. Dipesh Limbu, Toronto
    23. Mr. Shashi Rana Chhetri, Toronto
    24. Mr. Suraj Bharati, Toronto
    25. Mr. Hari Tamang, Brampton
    26. Mr. Ram Prasad Kandel, Toronto
    27. Mr. Rodesh Shakya, Toronto
    28. Mr. Ganesh Bhandari, Mississauga
    29. Mr. Kedar Basnet, Malton
    30. Mr. Ananda Shrestha, Toronto
    31. Mr. Aknarayan Aryal, Mississauga
    32. Mr. Taranath Rijal, Mississauga
    33. Mr. Phanindra Acharya, Mississauga
    34. Mr. Lekhnath Shivakoti, Toronto
    35. Ms. Anjali Moktan, Toronto
    36. Mrs. Reena Upadhyay, Toronto
    37. Mrs. Anita Sharma, Toronto
    38. Mr. Man Badhur Bhandari, Toronto
    39. Mrs. Ganga Adhikari, Toronto
    40. Mr. Giri Raj Adhikari, Toronto
    41. Mrs. Rashmi Paudel, Toronto
    42. Mr. Anil Ranjitkar, Toronto
    43. Mrs. Sama Upadhyay, Toronto
    44. Mr. Anup Neupane, Toronto
    45. Mr. Rikesh Shrestha, Toronto
    46. Mrs. Anita Rizal, Toronto
    47. Mr. Uttam Makaju, Toronto
    48. Mr. Komal Sapkota, Scarborough
    49. Mr. Bishojeet Basnet, Scarborough
    50. Mr. Shirendra Raj Giri, Toronto
    51. Mr. Raju Thapa, Toronto
    52. Mr. D. B. Thapa, Toronto
    53. Mr. Shanta Thapa, Mississauga
    54. Mr. Surya Bahadur Panta Chhetri, Mississauga
    55. Mr. Roshan Moktan, Mississauga
    56. Mr. Durga Adhikari, Toronto
    57. Mr. Tulsi Upadhaya, Toronto
    58. Mr. Pramod K.C, Toronto
    59. Mrs. Sujan Adhikari, Toronto
    60. Mr. Deepak Bajracharya, Toronto
    61. Mr. Kishor Rajbhandari, Toronto
    62. Mr. Parjapati Sharma, Mississauga
    63. Mr. Bhupindara Bhandari, Toronto
    64. Mr. Ram Parajuli, Scarborough
    65. Mr. Asutosh Upadhaya, Toronto
    66. Mr. Anil Thapa, Mississauga
    67. Mr. Purna Paudel, Markham
    68. Mr. Ram Prasad Paudel, Toronto
    69. Mr. Sanjiv Rizal, Toronto
    70. Mr. Jimmy Ghimery, Mississauga
    71. Mr. Sabin Ninglekhu, Toronto
    72. Mr. Bishnu Aryal, Toronto
    73. Mr. Ramesh Paudel, Scarborough
    74. Mr. Chandra Bahadur Khadka Chhetri, Markham
    75. Mrs. Jyotsana Thapa Rana, Mississauga
    76. Mr. Suman Rajkarnikar, Scarborough
    77. Mr. Ishwar R. Chand, Toronto
    78. Mr. Iftekhar Rana, Toronto
    79. Mr. Yam Khatri, Toronto
    80. Mr. Biru Basnet, Toronto
    81. Mr. Shyam Bahadur Dhungana, Brampton
    82. Mr. Santa Rajbhandari, Brampton
    83. Mr. Dhundi Raj Pandey, Brampton
    84. Mr. Badri Prasad Bhattarai, Brampton
    85. Mr. Suman Maharjan, Mississauga
    86. Mrs. Ganga Adhikari, Mississauga
    87. Mr. Krishna Timilsina, Mississauga
    88. Mrs. Sushma Thapaliya, Mississauga
    89. Mrs. Banuja Acharya, Mississauga
    90. Mrs. Tika Prasai, Mississauga
    91. Mr. Dipendra Paudel, Mississauga
    92. Mr. Bikal Tiwari. Mississauga
    93. Mr. Prakash Adhikari, Brampton
    94. Mr. Madhu Bilash Devkota, Brampton
    95. Mr. Mohan Aryal, Brampton
    96. Mr. Sagar Pokharel, Brampton
    97. Mr. Shambhu Dhamala, Toronto
    98. Mrs. Mandabi Ojha, Toronto
    99. Mr. Shankar Nath Adhikaree,Toronto
    100. Mr. Madan KC, Toronto
    101. Dr. Tulsi Dharel, Toronto
    102. Mr. Pradeep Bista, Toronto
    103. Mr. Kapil Dhungana, Mississauga
    104. Mr. Dibesh Regmi, Toronto
    105. Ms. Radha Basynat, Ottawa
    106. Mr. Manoj Pokharel, Brampton
    107. Mrs. Rama Pokharel, Brampton
    108. Mr. Manish Pokharel, Brampton
    109. Mrs. Sarah Pokharel, Brampton
    110. Mr. Ashish Pokharel, Brampton
    111. Ms. Shrijana Dhungel, Brampton

    Listen to Namaste Radio every Saturday 7:30-8 AM @ FM 101.3

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    Recent Programs
    September 14th, 2019 Mr. Harsh Thakkar, an Honorary Founding President of
    September 7th, 2019 Mr. Rajendra Shalabh, a film director and coordinator of "Basanta Choudhary's Storytelling event in Mississauga"
    August 31, 2019 A veteran actor RP Pant of Nepali Film and TV Industry

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    Founder & CEO
      Mr. Anil Thapa

    Production Team
      Mr. Dinesh Singh Malla
      Mr. Kundan Ghimire

    Ex-Team Members
      Mr. Pradymna Regmi
      Ms. Chanda Shrestha
      Mr. Jayram Gautam
      Mr. Manoj Pokharel
      Ms. Asha Rajak
      Ms. Anuradha Upreti
      Mr. Homnath Giri

      Ms. Yashaswi Thapa
      Mr. Aayush Pokharel


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