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"Our vision is to be the primary radio, newspaper and TV channel in North America representing the Voice of the Nepalese community."


"Our mission is to create and disseminate quality radio, newspaper and TV programs and grow by earning the trust of the Nepalese people. Our much-needed programs will aspire to preserve and promote Nepalese music, language and culture and to ease the process for people of Nepalese origin to associate with the Canadian mainstream. We aim to achieve this by integrating the Nepalese community, technology, and new media systems. We are committed to democratic values. We are also committed to values like honesty, integrity, diversity, creativity and excellent service."

Commitment & Values:

Namaste Radio team stands committed to its values and will work hard to achieve its mission and continue to be the voice of The Nepalese Community. Criticisms will be viewed constructively at Namaste Radio. Its team believes that criticisms help to develop policies that are more democratic, attract professional people with high end skills and improve quality of the programs. All these help to bond Namaste Radio with the Nepalese people.


  • preserve and promote Nepalese language, culture and music
  • promote creativity and talent
  • broadcast informational and educational programs for adults, youths and kids
  • create informational networks that help Nepalese newcomers settle
  • help people of Nepalese origin integrate into the Canadian mainstream
  • help no-income and low-income Nepalese


Namaste Radio, a Toronto based first Nepalese language FM was started in August 06, 2005 by Mr. Anil Thapa. Its main purpose was to support the Nepalese community in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Now it has been able to reach almost all Nepalese households in the GTA and around the world through its website ( Its programs include latest news, talk shows, interviews, youth vision, educational programs and music. Like many other community based media, Namaste Radio is also going through tough financial difficulties. To overcome the difficulties, Namaste Radio is now a community based media organization. It is registered as Namaste Nepal Community Association (NNCA). It will operate by the name of Namaste Radio. To run day to day operations, Namaste Radio’s Board consists of Portfolio Members and Team Leaders. It has four teams for proper functioning. They are all governed by its By-Laws. It has clear policies for Program Development. It also, has a transparent accounting system of checks and balances in place. Currently, Namaste Radio now has over 100 members and about 3000 listeners in the GTA.

Currently the main source of income is from advertisements which cover only part of the operating cost. To sustain it, Namaste Radio volunteers have employed different fundraising measures. They visited Nepalese houses in GTA and played the Deusi/Bhailo. Nepalese living in Toronto very happily welcomed Namaste Radio Deusi/Bhailo team and donated whatever they could with big smile and appreciation. As a result, Deusi/Bhailo team not only brought our ancient and unique tradition of Deusi/Bhailo to Nepalese doorsteps, but also collected a total of CAD 2700 for Namaste Radio. Namaste Radio in cooperation with the University of Toronto's Nepal Group organized the first Nepali film festival in Canada titled "Focus on Nepal". The one day film festival took place on December 3rd, 2005 at the Innis Town Hall. The "Focus on Nepal" raised CAD 3200 for Namaste Radio. Dedicated volunteers like Ms. Anjali Moktan and Mrs. Rina Upadhyaya helped to generate CAD 500 by selling MOMO during the festival. Since its establishment; many Nepalese individuals have volunteered at Namaste Radio. Without their support it would not be possible to sustain Namaste Radio. Namaste Radio is grateful to all these individuals.

In the past Namaste Radio has also taken several initiatives to bridge the Nepalese community with the Canadian mainstream. The initiatives include:

  • Active participation in the South Asian Business Festival organized by C.M.R on Sept 3rd and 4th , 2005
  • Organizing the First Professional Networking Gala for Nepalese Canadian at North York Civic Center on Jan 7th, 2006. People from different professional backgrounds, new immigrants and odd job holders shared their ideas. Various key speakers highlighted their experiences and many Nepalese benefited in areas of job search from it.


Currently the main source of income is from advertisements which cover only part of the operating cost. A team of dedicated volunteers are working on long term fundraising projects like preparing grant proposals to get government and non-government funding. All these promising activities here at Namaste Radio will draw a proper vision and help to ensure reliable financial inflow for long term sustainability and development.


Fundraising is a collective effort of all the teams. To sustain it, Namaste Radio Team has employed different fundraising techniques like tradition and culture, special events, grant writing, membership, donations, song request program and commercial sponsors. Currently the main source of income is from advertisements which cover only part of the operating cost. A team of dedicated volunteers are working on long term fundraising projects like preparing grant proposals to get government and non-government funding. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to make our much-needed programs possible. We welcome any and all assistance in gathering the funds to carry out our mission. If you would like to put on an event on behalf of Namaste Radio, your help is welcome.


Namaste Radio is now a community based media organization. It is registered as Namaste Nepal Community Aassociation (NNCA). It will operate by the name of Namaste Radio. Its new website is It has Board members and decisions are taken by consensus in a meeting. To ensure trust, develop reliable financial inflow and improve long term sustainability, Namaste Radio is undergoing major changes. They include:

  • A process of being registered as a charity organization (we are working on it)
  • A business account has been put in place
  • More content and a new outlook to our website
  • By Laws and Policy for Program Development posted on our website
  • For transparency; account information will be posted on its website
  • Initiate and increase memberships to integrate the Nepalese community
  • Member names and contribution will be listed on its website (optional)
  • Initiate member participation in improving quality of programs
  • Increase volunteer participation in improving quality of programs
  • Increase donor list to achieve financial inflow
  • Donor names and contribution will be listed on its website (optional)
  • Elections in summer of 2007

Membership and Community Support:

In addition with its long term fundraising strategies, Namaste Radio is also initiating other measures like memberships (family and individual) and other special events. Namaste Radio has realized that participation of the community is vital to its growth. To incorporate participation and reap its benefits; Namaste Radio is in the process of being registered as a charity organization. Greater community support and a general membership process help leverage internal and external funds. It also helps to improve the quality of programs.

Thus Namaste Radio is seeking the support of Nepalese families and individuals to join as members and contribute CAD 20.00 a year for general membership. The idea behind this is that every family or person who becomes a member will take initiative in caring for Namaste Radio. It is also seeking support from Nepalese community organizations in North America. We are hopeful it will generate a dialogue between Namaste Radio and the Nepalese community and help ensure trust, make it easy to conduct elections in 2007, improve the quality of its program, develop reliable financial inflow and improve long term sustainability.

Member Advantages:

  • Vote and elect board members in general election and become a board member
  • Participate in opinion surveys to depict listeners choice
  • Receive discounts from sponsor businesses
  • Certificate of membership and avail reference for various purposes
  • Individual and family birthday announcement on our Sunday broadcast (let us know by Friday)

Benefits of donating to Namaste Radio:

  • Tax deducible receipt for donation contribution (we are working to register as a charity)
  • For transparency names and contribution will be listed on its website (optional)
  • Lobby for program improvement and change

Challenges confronting the current Board:

  • Develop infrastructure towards making a community based and a charity organization
  • Pave the way towards financial sustainability
  • Develop proposal to receive government grants
  • Develop infrastructure for 2007 summer elections after which the board will be a elected one
  • Develop trust and generate community participation
  • Improve quality of the programs
  • Engage committed volunteers
  • Compensation to some personnel
  • Develop and maintain a user friendly and content rich website


Volunteering is an integral part of the organization and volunteers are viewed with great dignity and respect. Volunteering provides each of us with unique benefits. Some of us volunteer to help build a stronger Nepalese community, while others want to improve their skills and discover new routes to personal and professional development. At Namaste Radio volunteers can come from all walks of life, age groups, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds.


Namaste Radio acknowledges the fact that Nepalese organizations in North America are interdependent and need to support each other on issues of importance to realize full potential in our society and grow in the North American economy at large. Namaste Radio will work closely with community organizations in Canada.

Appeal to the Nepalese community:

Your support is of immense value to Namaste Radio. It will give us an opportunity to share and learn and hopefully allow us to create positive changes. Your support will allow Namaste Radio to be a vehicle in helping bring awareness and possibilities to those who are in need. Namaste Radio can demonstrate personal concern for the Nepalese community and present creative solutions to complex problems. It can inject a can-do spirit where there is much to be done, and bring enthusiasm where it is needed most.

Listen to Namaste Radio every Saturday 7:30-8 AM @ FM 101.3

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September 14th, 2019 Mr. Harsh Thakkar, an Honorary Founding President of
September 7th, 2019 Mr. Rajendra Shalabh, a film director and coordinator of "Basanta Choudhary's Storytelling event in Mississauga"
August 31, 2019 A veteran actor RP Pant of Nepali Film and TV Industry

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Founder & CEO
  Mr. Anil Thapa

Production Team
  Mr. Dinesh Singh Malla
  Mr. Kundan Ghimire

Ex-Team Members
  Mr. Pradymna Regmi
  Ms. Chanda Shrestha
  Mr. Jayram Gautam
  Mr. Manoj Pokharel
  Ms. Asha Rajak
  Ms. Anuradha Upreti
  Mr. Homnath Giri

  Ms. Yashaswi Thapa
  Mr. Aayush Pokharel


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